The South Carolina Association of School Psychologists is a membership organization that empowers school psychologists to advance the learning and mental health of students in South Carolina.

SCASP's Core Values

Professional Excellence:  School Psychologists strive to use and promote best practices in the environments in which they work.

Client-Centered: School Psychologists make the needs of individual learners their first priority.

Cultural Competence: School Psychologists value individual and cultural perspectives in their interactions with others.

Data-Based Decision Making: School Psychologists promote the use of data from multiple sources to inform decision-making at individual and systems levels.

Dynamic Leadership: School psychologists serve as leaders within their communities to enhance decision making.

Integrity & Ethical Practices: School psychologists treat others with honesty and fairness and maintain the ethical standards of their profession.

Positive Outcomes: School psychologists promote individual strengths and believe in success for all learners.

Professional Advocacy: School Psychologists promote the awareness of the value of their profession for the educational and personal development of the students they serve.

Upcoming events

SCASP is excited to be welcoming Melissa Reeves to the Spring Conference! Register now for this spring event in Rock Hill!
Dr. Melissa Reeves presents on the school psychologist's role in school safety during the Spring Conference 15 by sharing her expertise in mental health services in schools. 

SCASP at the State House ! Check out the report from the School Safety Task Force!  Thank you to our Legislative Committee for all of their hard Work!   

SCASP Adopts the NASP Practice Model

At its December board meeting, the SCASP board officially adopted the NASP Practice Model as the recommended model for school psychological services within the state.  As many of you may know, NASP adopted the Practice Model in 2010, as a unifying structure for the training and practice of school psychology. By adopting this model as our own, SCASP recognizes the importance of the national standards while acknowledging the strides that we must take in order to reach them.  More information about the Practice Model can be found at this link:  http://www.nasponline.org/standards/practice-model/.




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