The South Carolina Association of School Psychologists is a membership organization that empowers school psychologists to advance the learning and mental health of students in South Carolina.

SCASP's Core Values

Professional Excellence:  School Psychologists strive to use and promote best practices in the environments in which they work.

Client-Centered: School Psychologists make the needs of individual learners their first priority.

Cultural Competence: School Psychologists value individual and cultural perspectives in their interactions with others.

Data-Based Decision Making: School Psychologists promote the use of data from multiple sources to inform decision-making at individual and systems levels.

Dynamic Leadership: School psychologists serve as leaders within their communities to enhance decision making.

Integrity & Ethical Practices: School psychologists treat others with honesty and fairness and maintain the ethical standards of their profession.

Positive Outcomes: School psychologists promote individual strengths and believe in success for all learners.

Professional Advocacy: School Psychologists promote the awareness of the value of their profession for the educational and personal development of the students they serve.

Upcoming events

23 Jan 2015 8:30 AM • MT Anderson Support Center, 100 Blassingame Road, Greenville, SC

November 10-November 14
School Psych Awareness Week

Are you you ready to let your pride show!  Planning activities at school to engage students and staff in activities that show their strengths can help spread the word about what we do!  Go to NASP online to find a variety of resources and activities ideas created for you.

NEW LOGOS ARE HERE!  We need your vote! SCASP has been working to develop an updated Logo that represents who we are! Designed by one of our members, Brandi Ward!  She has designed four options for you to choose from!  Way to go Brandi! We are looking forward to hearing from all of you!  




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