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Breakwater Associates - Psychometrist Position

04 May 2021 4:57 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
Employer Name Breakwater Associates - Psychometrist Position
Description of the position: Directed by Julie R. Wood, Ed.S., LPES and Meg W. Humphrey, Ed.S., LPES, NCSP, both Licensed Psychoeducational Specialists and Certified School Psychologists, Breakwater Associates is a multidisciplinary private practice serving the greater Charleston area providing cognitive and academic; speech and language; and social/emotional/behavioral evaluation, intervention, and therapy.  Breakwater strives to maintain a good working environment for their employees.  We have a laid back and friendly environment while also understanding the importance of work-life balance.

Preferred applicants will have a Master’s degree and prior training in School Psychology.  We will also consider applicants who are currently enrolled in graduate studies in School Psychology, who also have training in scoring psychometric instruments.  Applicants who do not meet this minimum requirement will not be considered for the position.

We are looking for a dependable and detailed oriented person to score assessments in an efficient manner.  The employee will benefit from training in instruments in which the student may not have not yet been trained to use or score. Students will be exposed to neuropsychological-based instruments and therefore gain valuable experience that can be cited on a resume. Additionally, the employee will potentially receive a recommendation from a private practitioner for future job endeavors, including internships. The employee will assist with the non-interpretive and background sections of a report; therefore, strong report writing skills are desired.

The position will require around 12 hours a week (give or take). However, the time and days at which these hours are completed are flexible depending on the student’s schedule.Breakwater is very understanding of the importance of prior school obligations and allows students to work around practicum, class, and other unique circumstances (i.e. exams, holidays, etc.). The hours and flexibility of the position could allow a student to work with us as a second part time job. Second year students or a student who has started to learn and gain experience with testing instruments are preferred candidates.
Type of position Part-time
Job Description
Contact person for job posting: Heather Richmond
Phone Number (843-388-4048)

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